The future is multichain


The future is multichain

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The future is multichain

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What is MetaTag?

MetaTag is a platform that allows clients to register and mint their username/gamertag as an NFT on the blockchain. This NFT can then be used in digital games and the Metaverse as a users identity.

One identity across :
      - All Digital Games
      - All Chains/Networks
      - The Metaverse

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What can MetaTags be used for?

Your MetaTag is your identity in the digital world. It can be used in the following ways -

MetaTag Use Case :
You can use MetaTag as your gamertag in digital games and the Metaverse. MetaTags will also collect and showcase your in-game stats and achievements, building a gaming profile for you.



whitelist form
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Click on the register
username button.

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Connect your
Metamask wallet

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Type in the username
you want

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Click register and
confirm the minting of
your NFT

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Go to Opensea to view
your NFT username

Choose your unique useRnaMe

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Will soon be compatible
with all major NFT games

Own your Digital Identity

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 Nft username

First NFT Username/Gamertag that can be integrated across the crypto eco-system. MetaTags are mapped to wallet-addresses as proof of wallet ownership.

Trade MetaTags with our transfer feature

Trade MetaTags with our transfer feature. We will then burn the NFT and issue a new one with the updated wallet address.

Best NFT Registration Platform

MetaTag holders will receive automatic whitelisting for some of the hottest P2E games launching

nft metatags

MetaTag holders will receive discounts when minting NFT's with our gaming partners. They will also receive access to exclusive content and special offers.


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Q1 2022
Announce MetaTag at Mandiri 2022 conference
Complete Private Sale
Begin marketing
NFT Minting goes live
Q2 2022
Ramp up marketing / partnerships
Announce minimum of 3 integrations
Development of NFT Marketplace
Announce Public Sale for Token
Atari and ICIBC Partnership
Support new network/chains
Q3 2022
Complete Public Sale
Token Launch
Announce 2 Exchange Listings
Announce minimum of 6 integrations
Launch NFT Marketplace
Support 2 new network/chains
Adding Game Stats to MetaTags
Q4 2022
DAO Launch
MetaTag Game Launch
Esports Gaming competition event
Partnership with major gaming corporation
Customisable MetaTag variations
Support 2 new network/chains
Adding DeFi Stats to Metatags
Metatag fully functional public API.


Fully functional public API. Developers can leverage METATAG API to gather a list of taken usernames and corresponding wallet addresses.

Request access

JS Widget

A Plugin that CEX'S, DEX'S and Dapp's can incorporate into their platforms. Code is opensource on Github for contribution.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is MetaTags vision?
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To allow users to create a digital username/Metatag identity which can be seamlessly integrated into online games, metaverses, exchanges and platforms around the digital world. 

Who is the MetaTag team?
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We come from a range of certified and diverse backgrounds with leading companies such as Goldman Sachs, Google, Kraken, Epic Games, King and Facebook. Launching new and innovative products is our bread and butter.

How will MetaTag Work with NFT Games and Digital Games

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MetaTag was built with gamers in mind, the main purpose of the integration will be to allow users to import their MetaTag into the game, and then use this MetaTag as their verified username/gamertag in the game. So if your MetaTag is CryptoLadiesMan12, then your in-game username will be the same. The way Instagram and Twitter verify accounts with a blue tick, games will begin verifying usernames which have a registered MetaTag. This will allow gamers to have one identity across all games and the metaverse which no one can copy or counterfeit, users can carry their verified identity around with them in any platform that supports MetaTag.

What is a MetaTag?
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MetaTags are NFTs which are registered on the blockchain. These NFTs can be used
as a username/gamertag in the ever changing digital world. Clients will be able to use their MetaTag in NFT games, exchanges and the metaverse.

What are the benefits of owning a MetaTag?
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A highly lucrative airdrop will be happening to all MetaTag holders, snapshot date and terms TBC. But also holding a MetaTag will give users access to special functionality within games. This will include discounts and pre-sale offers to a range of NFT P2E games, discounts on purchasing land in different metaverses and special characters/powers when you hold a verified MetaTag.